Fatima – Hope for the World

Below is the 13 part video on Fatima and how our patron saint is the Hope for the World

Episode One: Introduction to the story of Fatima

Episode Two: What led up to the apparitions?

Episode Three: The Angel Apparitions

Episode Four: The First Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima

Episode Five: The Importance of the Rosary

Episode Six: The July 13 Apparition and the Secret of Fatima

Episode Seven: The Third Part of the Secret of Fatima

Episode Eight: The Miracle of the Sun

Episode Nine: The Three Shepherds of Fatima

Episode Ten: The Consecration of Russia

Episode Eleven: First Saturday Communions of Reparation

Episode Twelve: What is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart?

Episode Thirteen: Learn, live & spread the message of Fatima