Food Pantry


We are a supplemental food source run by 30+ volunteers collecting and distributing food to over 300 families in need in Bordentown, Chesterfield, Crosswicks, Fieldsboro, and 4 area motels that house people on our register.

Current needs:We appreciate every donation we receive, but we have an overabundance of green beans, corn, kidney beans, and pasta at this time.  We kindly request:  Chef Boyardee; SpaghettiOs; rice and potato side dishes; evaporated milk; granola bars; shampoo; toothpaste.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity!

Also, we are seeking volunteer support—someone willing to devote a couple of hours per week shopping for food.  If you can help us, please call Mike at 298-4664

Our food pantry hours are as follows:  M-W-F  2-3:00 PM;  Tu-Th  9-10:00 AM and 6-7:00 PM; and Sat. 9-10:00 AM.