Fr. Joe’s Messages

Can you name our parish?

As you may know, when our parishes of St. Mary’s and Ss. Francis & Clare are officially merged next July, the combined parish will be known by a new name (while retaining the names of each church).  You are invited to suggest your favorite name, to our parish office staff, either via mail or phone, prior to Dec. 31st.  Below are the names that have been suggested so far:

1) Mary Mystical Rose

2) Mary Mediatrix of Grace

3) Holy Church of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

4) Our Lady of Mary

5) Mother Catherine McAuley

6) Our Lady of the Rosary

7) Ss. Mary and Clare

8) Mary Mother of Mercy

9) Mary Mother of Hope

10) Parish of the Divine Mercy

11) Ss. Francis, Clare and Mary

12) Holy Mary Queen of Saints

13) Holy Mary Queen of All Saints

14) Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

15) St. Teresa of Calcutta

16) St. John Paul II

17) Mother of Mercy

18) Holy Mary of Grace

19) Holy Mary of the Rosary

20) Holy Nativity

21) St. Mary of the Assumption

22) Parish of the Holy Trinity

23) Parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

24) Mary Mother of God

25) Holy Assumption of Mary

I will be responsible for recommending three (3) parish names to Bishop O’Connell in January, and he will select the new name prior to our merger.  Everyone’s opinion matters, and while there are so many good possibilities, try not to put forth a name that already exists in our diocese or that would confuse us with a neighboring parish.

—Fr. Joe Hlubik