Shoprite Gift Cards – Thank You


The Rosary Altar Society of St. Mary’s sends its grateful appreciation to everyone who has and who continues to make ShopRite Gift Card purchases.  We have surpassed the sale of $100,000 in Shoprite cards since our sales began in November 2013 with a benefit of $5,000 profit to the Society.  We extend our thanks to you our loyal patrons.  As our only fund-raising endeavor at this time, your generosity and support enables us to generate the funds which help the Rosarians accomplish designated duties, including vestment and altar cloth cleaning services and altar linen replacements, as well as other necessary contributions to specific Parish-community needs such as sacramental gifts for Baptism, First Eucharist and Marriage candidates.  May you be rewarded generously with God’s Utmost Blessings!  You may place orders by telephoning Stephanie at 291-1816.